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Microfinance Industry: Revolution or Footnote? Join the Discussion!

Lehigh’s Martindale Center, which I direct, hosted a gathering of 32 microfinance and impact investing industry leaders from around the world March 30 –April 1, sponsored by Calmeadow Foundation and the Financial Inclusion Equity Council (FIEC) to explore “The Microfinance Industry: Revolution or Footnote? And Lessons for the Next 10 Years.” Open discussions shared diverse perspectives […]

Yin vs. Yang: Microfinance’s Blatent Gender Bias

For this installment of Yin vs. Yang, I asked undergraduate students in my microfinance & financial inclusion course what they thought about the blatant and expressly intentional–indeed celebrated–gender bias in global microfinance. Good? Bad? Ugly? Pick a side said I, and blog it. Argue it well, but acknowledge the other. Here’s a couple of the best, one on each side.